Medical Marijuana Card Benefits

Medical Marijuana Card Benefits

Are you wondering how you can get instant access to marijuana dispensaries in Michigan? We show you how in 3 easy steps. 

The benefits of getting an Instant Medical Marijuana Card include:

Instant Access To Marijuana Dispensaries

Avoid High Regulatory Taxes That Are Applied To Recreational Marijuana Users

Access Higher Quality (Medical Grade 16%+) Marijuana

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What’s the point in continuing to be a registered medical marijuana card holder?

The answers are simple.

Driving: Law enforcements and prosecuting attorneys are ramping up efforts to perform roadside swab testing on drivers that they believe have cannabis or the presence of THC in their system. Michigan’s motor vehicle code has a Zero Tolerance Policy for licensed drivers with any amount of intoxicants in their system. Your only defense is having a medical marijuana card for any amount of marijuana in your system while driving. Charges can include DUI, OWI, or Impaired Driving causing you to lose your license

Slow Access: The state of Michigan will have up to 24 months (2 years) to create the rules for the recreational marijuana program before residents 21 year of age or older can acquire legal marijuana from a licensed facility without a long wait. The state will have to go back to the drawing board to design a process for licensing, processing, and distribution before retail sales can flourish. As of right now, most attorneys are predicting the rules to be created by year 2021. Registered medical marijuana card holders will be able to enter dispensaries while the state creates recreational rules without a wait!

Taxes: The state of Michigan will be levying a hefty 10% (percent of gross sale) use tax along with a 6% (percent of gross sale) retail sales tax for a total effective tax rate of 16.6% which could generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the state of Michigan but cost you thousands of dollars per year if you buy at least an ounce per month. Medical marijuana card holders avoid paying use taxes at dispensaries.

Long waits at dispensaries have been a problem for every state that has passed recreational laws. Inevitably the mass adoption of marijuana consumption leads to medical marijuana card holders having to wait in long lines and limiting their access to varieties of medical grade strains. In Michigan, medical marijuana card holders will bypass the long lines of recreational users and receive priority access.

Medical marijuana cardholders who are also caregivers will be allowed to possess more medical marijuana than recreational users. With a medical marijuana caregiver card, caregivers will also be able to hold an assisting. Registered medical marijuana caregivers can possess a maximum of 60 plants and 12.5 oz of usable marijuana. If they are also a registered patient, they can possess 72 plants and 15 usable ounces.

More legal protections will be afforded to medical marijuana card holders than for the recreational user. A registered medical marijuana card holder cannot be punished in any way whatsoever for the medical use of marijuana (in accordance with the law). And while the federal government has backed off registered medical marijuana patients, they have done just the opposite to those who use the recreational system, often times trying to pursue federal charges instead of prosecution under the state’s law.

So all in all, the benefits and protections afforded to registered Michigan medical marijuana patients will easily outweigh the hazards associated with the state of Michigan launching yet another tax scheme to control and regulate marijuana.

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Instant Marijuana Cards are provided by Essential TeleHealth and offered exclusively to patients who wish to get immediate access to marijuana dispensaries. 

Medical Marijuana Card Benefits

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