Physician’s Letter


A letter from a physician that is typically requested in the court of law, by employers, or a patient traveling out of state. Only people who have been seen for a Cannabis Certification and have an active Michigan Medical Marijuana Card that does not expire within 90 days of the date the letter will be used may seek this option. You are required to have an accompanying Cannabis Follow Up Evaluaiton in-order for the physician to proceed with the document.

Physician Letter’s are exclusive documents written directly by the physician for the unique circumstances of the patient’s situation. During your Cannabis Follow Up Evaluaiton the physician will sit down with yo one-on-one to discuss the details of your case and your certifying condition to ensure they can craft as close to a bullet proof letter as possible to maximize the chances of a positive outcome for the patient.

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We are not responsible for the outcome of any court proceeding a patient finds themselves in and cannot guarantee the letter will be successfully upheld in the court of law, though we typically have an extremely high success rate. Keep this in mind as refunds for Physician Letters are not refundable regardless of victory or failure. However, after the letter has been submitted the physician will make any updates necessary that may have been asked for by a judge, lawyer, or other entity until the letter has been approved or rejected by said party.